Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rainbow Scrap Challenge ~ 3 months ~ 3 Blocks Done

Blue was sewn in January.  Green was made most recently in March.  I made the red one in February.

It sure would be nice if the snow would melt.  I am anxious to see my tulips go into bloom.  I planted a few new groupings of them last fall. 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Green Fabric for This Garden Loving Quilter

Green has to be important to a quilting gardener!

Since that is what I proclaim to be I have plenty of green in my scrap box and stash that I'm all set for the month of March in soscrappy's challenge.  Pay a visit to her blog to see how other quilters have unique ideas to eat up their fabric scraps.

So far I've located my smallest and most forgotten about green scraps, ironed them, and organized them for a photo. 

Now I need to get some plans in place.  I know I will make a set of 4 string pieced blocks.  I love doing it on recycled computer paper so that they finish at 8 inches.  I am on a roll with those fun to make string blocks for each monthly color so I must get sewing with my green bits.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Red Scrap Sewing

Trimming Up String Blocks
This is technically not scrappy, but it was the block for February and I forgot to take a photo of it when I finished it.  We have 10 more to go for the center of the Thimbleberries Club quilt.  These finish at 14 inches and they are quite easy to piece this year. 
It was easy enough to make a second one so I may do it yet in assorted reds, whites, and creams.  It is a nice size for a pillow front.

This little red spool of thread made as an art trading card is on its way over the ocean to AngelCat.  She and I have arranged a little trade of sorts.  She has been working with the red theme too and had 2 very cool woven fabric cards. 

Set of 4 Red String Blocks
I love, love, love these red strings together!  It is a fun way to piece.  I really feel like I'm using up scraps, rather than creating new scraps with this method!  I am sticking with this for all the months in SoScrappy's challenge this whole year!  I want these to be assembled to each other and represent all 12 colors. 
Red Scrappy Tumblers
This quilt doesn't know what size it wants to be!  When sewing with these a quilter really needs to pick a size and determine that choice by the time the first row is sewn.   It was much smaller last week, but I have cut some more tumblers and now it's telling me to make it larger.   With the angled seam on the left and right side of the block, that is the best way of doing the quilt.  I guess it will be about 50 or 60 inches square so that it works as a throw for a white wicker settee.