Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Vintage Doll Repair

Recently I was working on some minor repairs to a pair of cute little flip skirt dolls. They were in some boxes with belongings from my husband's grandmother. One has clearly seen some hard use!

I was able to stitch up the skirt of the one that had the big gap. First I re-gathered that section and then I was able to tack it to the waistband.

One of the faces could still use some repair. I may try to stick some stitch witchery tape inside the rip and see if the fusible web might hold the rip together. The other doll's face seems to be more preserved.

Shown here is the flip side of the dolls with the skirts reversed.

They are quite a pair. I am debating on keeping them or selling them on e-bay. I did see a funny flip doll for sale recently that has little red riding hood, grandma, and the wolf all in one doll. That one seemed interesting to me.

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