Saturday, June 5, 2010

My Meyer Lemon Tree

A few months ago I was at my friends house working on our sewing and making tote bags. We had the tv on the home shopping channel and we were both drawn it when they began talking about the Meyer Lemon plants they had for sale.

We quickly dialed up the number and had 2 plants on order.

It took a while for the mini tree to arrive, because they ship them after the danger of frost has passed. When it arrived we were pleasantly

surprised by both the height and healthiness of the plant. We potted them up in some nice patio pots for it's summer outdoors. We plan to bring them in to survive the harsh Wisconsin winter. Perhaps the bay tree will be a good companion for the lemon this winter. It has always done well indoors for 5 months. The rosemary plant seldom ever survives a winter in the house.

It is very happy in the pot that I put it in and it seems to love the glass marbles I added to the top of the soil. I was reading the care pamphlet and it said to make a special spray in a water bottle with mostly water, a drop of liquid soap, and a drop of vegetable oil. I have been spraying it almost daily.

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Heather said...

Your tree looks great. I had a little orange tree for years, it even had a blossom once, but it was never a healthy kind of tree.