Saturday, August 7, 2010

Flip Side of the Bell Ornament

I was just finishing up on the ornament and decided to snap a picture. This is the first soft version of the crazy quilt ornament that I've made following the instructions in Judith Baker Montano's book "Crazy Quilt Odessy", page 104 - 106. In the past I have usually stretched the crazy patched piece over a shaped piece of mattboard. In this case I sewed the front to the back and turned it inside out. I was very fortunate to be in two of her classes at a Minnesota Quilt Show a few years ago. I picked up so many tips from her that weekend.


Terriaw said...

that stitching is gorgeous, especially with the different threads and embellishments you added!

Marlis said...

thanks for dropping in.. as to the bobbin work, it is best to purchase a second bobbin case just for this. I can tension my own bobbin case, but to do it exactly takes a weight. But it's very much fun. However, I love your handstitching.. It's beautiful