Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hazel Ilene Quilt Along Blocks

I busily sewed during my Christmas vacation. As a result, I now have a photo to document my progress with the Hazel Ilene quilt along blocks in both the large and small size. I've been following Shelly's directions on her blog as she revealed her mom's high school diary. It was great fun peeking into the life of a high school girl in the 1950''s. It was wonderful also to have the directions available throughout the year of 2009. Now I am excited about using the setting triangles to get both the small and the large quilt put together. I hope to make ongoing progress with these 2 very special quilts! A big thank you goes out to Shelly!!!

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Chris said...

Your blocks are wonderful!! I need to finish this quilt too. I have two blocks left to make. I look forward to seeing yours all finished :)