Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Growing Lemons in Wisconsin

Meyer Lemon in Summer 2010

My little lemon tree put out a lot of growth since last spring. 
This summer, it bloomed out with tons of surprisingly scented white blossoms.  However, that many lemons will not be developing.  Shortly after this time of beautiful blossoming many of the older leaves became netted with yellow and it dropped nearly all of those stressed leaves within a week.  After some research on the internet, I learned that I should be feeding my little lemon some acidic fertilizer and some diluted epsom salts for the magnesium content.   Apparently lemons are very heavy feeders during bloom time and need to put all their nutrients into formation of fruit.  It looks like I'll be getting 2 lemons if the last two little green lemon buds can hang on!

Same Meyer Lemon in June 2011

Meyer Lemons harvested from my Friend's Tree in Spring 2011

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