Sunday, October 2, 2011

Clips vs. Glue When Sewing Down Binding

How do you prefer to prepare your double fold binding when getting ready to sew it to the back?

I generally have used the metal hair clips and have liked that better than sewing pins.

Have you ever tried Elmer's wash out school glue? I have been doing it this way for more than a year and I love it.
Shows amount and placement of glue before ironing down to fasten in place.

  I first heard about it from posts on The Quilt Show website.  Quilters there were creating links to Sharon Schamberg's video about binding the Angel Quilt.  There she showed her method with the same washable school glue, but with a much smaller applicator tip.

Watch the video if you are interested.  I picked up a lot of hints and tips from seeing it more than once.  It is in three parts and takes about a half and hour to watch. 

I get by just fine by doing these steps:
  1. Sew binding to the front
  2. Miter corners while sewing
  3. Trim edge of quilt with about 3/8 in overhang
  4. Press binding out on front side of quilt, use lots of steam and some spray starch
  5. Flip quilt to back and iron binding into folded position
  6. Work with binding edge to have it just cover stitching
  7. Apply Elmer's Washable glue just inside stitching line
  8. Iron and steam binding to dry the glue
  9. Sew with an invisible ladder stitch by hand
  10. Wash and dry quilt

Advantages or disadvantages either way??? 


Bev C said...

Hello Kathy,

There is always a new way isn't there. I just use pins because I love handsewing, something lovely about sitting and doing that.
Happy days.

Ellen said...

Nomrally, I just use binding clips. Thanks for the tip and all of the info - something new to try.

Leslie Anne Pease said...

GrEaT TiP! Thank you so much for sharing. Always come here for the great suggestions.