Saturday, July 14, 2012

Rummage Business Booming Sales

Several people have shown interest in the deer hides that my friend has for sale. One man came dressed in his explorer costume and he bought several buckskins for the Rendezvous that is taking place at the RiversidePark today. Later, a high school classmate of mine came by and chose a larger leather piece to use as a backdrop for his photography business.

More of my Avon products sold, so I brought over a few more items to fill the table. Again, the skin care items are moving the fastest. I'll have to remember that for the next rummage extravaganza.

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quilt32 said...

I'm interested that you're calling it "rummage". I was commenting to my daughter the other day that no one says, "rummage sale" any more - it's always some kind of yard or garage sale. The churches used to hold rummage sales several times a year. Glad you're doing well with your Avon products.