Monday, August 17, 2009

Taking in the sights of St. Charles MO

This is a really cute quilt shop I visited while vacationing in St. Louis. It is located in an adjacent town of St. Charles and it is tucked amongst many other cute shops. The name of the shop is Patches, Etc. They have many wonderful fabrics and specialize in redwork quilts.
Every so often there was a break between buildings and a some very fine little gardens could be found mixed in with the shopping venues.
Just down the street from Patches is another cute shop for those that enjoy crafts. It's name is Rock, Paper, Scissors.
I enjoyed this shop very much because they carried many rubber stamps and had many examples of fun paper projects on display. I ended up only purchasing art trading card supplies, but they do have a website, so I'll look them up later this winter.These topiaries were up and down the whole main street of the shopping area in St. Charles, MO. I was really curious about the set up of these floral displays. They had put fence posts in the middle of a large wooden planter and potted up the red begonias in the moss baskets. The baskets had a metal fitting on the bottom that just matches up with the shape of the fence post top. They had really grown in very lush and made a very cute street decoration.

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