Monday, August 10, 2009

Tile Job

Have you ever been just going to fix one thing and ooopps, by accident, you just made something else worse?

That's what happened a couple of days ago when I was just going to put new calk around the shower. I was cleaning out the old calk, and of course 2 tiles on the floor HAD to pop out. Then to make matters worse, nearly the entire row was out.

Good thing I had some practice at making mosaic crafts. I had to think of this home repair as an art project. That is the only way I could do it myself. I kept telling myself, "Its almost the same as a stepping stone with cement or it can't be as difficult as doing a mosaic garden pot."

The job is nearly done. I'll just put the grout sealer on today and run that bead of caulking and it'll be as good as new. But I'll tell you this much, I'd much prefer making a mosaic stepping stones for the garden any day. In fact, I am looking forward to making a garden potting table with a mosiac tile top or backsplash. Can you believe that??? I can do crafty things for the garden with tiles, but I don't think I could do a tile floor in the house!

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Heckety said...

Oops! That's kind of annoying. Tiling is pretty hard work, I know for a fact as, to save money, I tiled the bathrooms in this house. Not something I will EVER forget!