Sunday, November 29, 2009

Black Friday Shopping Spree

The Friday after Thanksgiving Sale at the Quilt Corner in Sparta was not to be missed!

It was a great event this year. We were in and out of the store fairly quickly compared to other years in the past. It is fun to get ready to go to the sale. To get the best discount you have to get dressed like you're going to bed. We also brought along mittens and food donations. This year I went with a carload of others. I took my mom, and my friends Debby and Shelly. After the big sale, we all went out for pizza. We were still in our PJs. Two other tables got filled with quilters, so we felt right at home.


Heckety said...

Really truly? PJs in public? Judging by your haul it was worth it, but I think here I'd get arrested if I tried that! How embarassing for my children!

Kathy said...

Yes, we were required to have pajamas, robe, slippers, curlers, & bring food and mittens in order to receive 40% off. Going to the shop in the pajamas was no big deal, because on that special day all the quilters dress that way. Going out for pizza was a different story. There were other customers in the restaurant, but they probably realized that we were coming from the quilt sale. When my friend e-mails me the photos we took in the shop I will post them on my blog.