Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Hometown Special Event

My blogging friend Julie of Working on a Dream has started a fun new meme. Her idea is to link up hometown events and interesting tour spots that are nearby tourist attractions. By going to her blog you'll be able to sample charming and interesting happenings from all over. Please check out her listings for today. You'll be surprised where it will take you and you'll learn a lot about places where other bloggers live.

A big event in LaCrosse, Wisconsin is the Maple Leaf Parade. It is usually held on the last Saturday of September. We had very good weather for the parade in 2009. Enjoy my slide show.

Photos are courtesy of my brother, Gordy.

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Come back next September in 2010 for the 50th year!

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Julie said...

Thank You So Much Kathy, For the help in getting the word out...Hope to have a name picked and a button made soon...Look for this post in my next post...Again thank you my Friend...