Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sewing Memories of the Singer Toy Machines

When I was little, I used to sew on a tan little singer toy at my grandma's house. I would run upstairs and get out the dark green and white suitcase and set the machine into its little flip down holder. I made silly things like pillows and blankets, but it sure was lots of fun! I really didn't think too much of the ugly green case and I liked the textured tan paint on the Singer even less, but the sewing part was awesome. I remember that the thread would often get stuck, but I quickly figured out how to cut it loose from underneath the machine! It was an awesome little toy!

My mom and I really don't know what ever became of that cute little toy, but I solved that problem with a few clicks of the mouse while on E bay. Three little machines later and I am still shopping around. You never know when there might be one listed that is a color I don't have in my collection. Or for goodness sake, maybe someone will even want to sell a dark green and ivory case!

Sometime later I'll have to show you all how my curtains toppers turned out after piecing them on one of my cute little toys! Maybe you even saw my post about how I sewed the wonky roses while on vacation! What fun... Now what shall I crank out next?

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