Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Apple Core Fun

Perfect Cutting with the apple core block
Ready to Sew
Lucky me!  My friend has gifted me two of the larger cutting dies for the AccuQuilt that fit on the Mark IV tray.  I am so happy that they work so well to cut through 8 - 10 layers of fabric.  One trick that I learned this week is to lay one sheet of scrap paper over the top fabric layer.  This works somewhat like the template plastic that is used with the AccuQuilt cutter.  Only that thickness of plastic would not go through this smaller Mark IV cutter because the roller is set closer to the tray. 

This simple addition of the paper prevents the top layer from sticking to the roller.  It is such a simple fix for an annoying problem when cut on the older style machine.


Placemats Ready for Bias Binding

This project was a wonderful opportuntity to brush up on some free motion quilting.  Shown in the photo below I was using a design marked with sharpie on some golden threads paper. 

I  find that I can do a more complicated design with this easy to remove paper.  I like the fact that I am not marking on the fabric. 

Design marked on Golden Threads paper.  Follow the line with the feed dogs lowered.


Ellen said...

Love the apple cores! Great idea to use tissue paper for the quilting design. I will have to file that away for future reference.

april said...

Golden Threads paper? Is it special tissue? What a great idea!