Monday, December 12, 2011

Quilt Display

In preparation for putting up the Christmas tree this year, some furniture had to be moved around.  I had an idea to push the 2 end tables together as one and place them in front of the couch where a coffee table might go.  It seemed OK, so I added a runner on top. 

Normally, I have a pair of large baskets with handles and I used one for old newspapers and the other for magazines. 

The new look will be for folded quilt display!

                                                                            The left side has an embroidered crazy quilt, a sunbonnet sew quilt top, and a spiderweb string quilt is on the bottom.  The top crazy quilt could use a little repair on some of the yellow fabric.  It seems to be the only fabric that is denigrating.  The sunbonnet Sew could be bordered around the final edge and then finished someday.  That string quilt on the bottom has a modern quilt design that was done on the long arm.  That one is in very excellent shape and I would not be afraid to use that on a bed once in a while. 

On the right hand side there is a Grandmothers Fan done in dark colors and it includes red velvet for each of the fan centers.  That quilt is only a topper, but it is very cool to see how the blocks are put together by hand.  The middle quilt is a new one to me and it is in very pale colors.  I believe the pattern is called Broken Dishes.  I may redo the binding on that one.  The bottom is a quilt topper given to me from my mother-in-law.  It is a quilt I take in the car and I quilt it by hand.  It is almost done!  It represents nearly 20 years of car trips!


LuAnn said...

I like the quilt display under the end tables. There is usually a lot of "shifting" going on around here at Christmas time, too. I love to see creative ways to display quilts.

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of using the two end tables and then displaying folded quilts on the shelves. Wonderful.

Ellen said...

That is a great way to display your treasured quilts but still allow them to be protected.