Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Anticipating Spring

Swamp Inspired Mini Garden

I recently attended a session on miniature gardening at the local greenhouse.  We were learning about creatively planting little landscapes in containers.  There was a talk and demo involved and a couple of nice handouts.

After seeing that cute pink leaved spike plant, I brought one home.  I am keeping it in the kitchen until the weather is more mild outside.

Next session is to be held in May and it will possibly be a hands on workshop!  Hope it will fit in my schedule.

This was the sweetest little garden and it contains a parsley and a mini cyclamen with pink blossoms.  The plant in the front is a baby tears.  The wire gazebo has a mini chandelier.


quilt32 said...

I especially liked the garden with the parsley.

vivian said...

What a neat idea!