Friday, February 12, 2010

Tiniest Scraps for Collages

Wanda from Exuberant Color writes her blog with such care and diligence. It is always inspiring to see how lovely her block settings turn out. I really enjoy seeing her beautiful combinations of light and dark values to carry out the design in her quilts. I look forward to seeing her posts in my reader on a daily basis. They are usually published early in the morning, so I often see it before I go off to school to teach my art classes.

This week she wrote about how she was using up some of her smallest scraps in a very colorful strip quilt and she was saying that she may get rid of the narrowest scraps.

She is so generously offering to send some of her batiks and Kaffe Fassett narrow trimmings right to my school! How delightful! We will be doing up our collages this spring in designer style! I am so happy!!!


Aunt Spicy said...

What a great idea! And how fun for your students!

april said...

Love the picture of the tiny scraps in this jar. Will enjoy reading about your quilting projects and "exuberant color" too. Love quilting, among lots of other things. Small projects mostly, but at least I try to get some quilting in! Saw you on deepspacesparkle - good to meet you!