Saturday, January 23, 2010

Blocks for Thimbleberries 2009 Quilt

I am glad to say that I have sewn all the blocks I need for my 3's Company quilt from the 2009 Thimbleberries quilt club. The main block was 12 1/2 inches and the other blocks are 6 1/2 inches. There are 36 pieces mini ones and 30 appliques style. The applique ones come from a panel, so there wasn't any sewing involved with those, only trimming! In the past, I didn't really care for the colors of Thimbleberries fabrics, but having made a quilt in 2008 with entirely those colors made me change my mind.

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Julie said...

Hi Kathy, Thanks for stopping over at my place...Love the quilt squares...You will have to post a picture when you are done...