Saturday, January 16, 2010

Singer Cabinet

I did have to bring the sewing cabinet in before the snowflakes flew, but it's paint isn't finished the way I'd like it yet. I happened to think about my old paper sculpture from college days and I went over to my Mom's to get it. She was happy about that! It just fit perfectly into the opening for the machine. At least both items are seeing the light of day, instead of being stuffed into a closet somewhere. The assorted knob seen sitting to the left of the pin tuffet are from a gift shop. I may use one on the front door of the cabinet as a replacement for the very boring brass one that I took off while base coating the wood with the white primer.
The machine that goes in the cabinet is underneath the legs right now. It is a turquoise Singer (Vintage 1950's) I'd guess. I intend to put it back into the cabinet sometime this summer. My thought was to use a mixture of brown and turquoise glaze to antique the white finish. The extension is being repaired by my brother. Some of the laminated wood had lifted and he is injecting it with glue and clamping it down. I think it will be pretty cute when it's put back together!

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Cathy said...

I LOVE your paper sewing machine sculpture! How cool is that!

Cathy ♥