Sunday, September 6, 2009

Creative Quilting With Kids

These are the two quilts we made at school with the help of Diana Swim from West Salem. We were able to have her come to our school four 5 whole days and she worked with the classes during their regular scheduled art time to do the design of both quilts and make background patterns on the fabric panels.
Much of the color came from sheets of tissue paper and some was from Pebo sunreactive paint. The plant and animal images in the main body of the quilt are appliques that were made by using Portfolio brand water soluble oil crayons. The border blocks were made using the same supplies. The narrow inner border as well as the binding were tie
dyed using a strong concentration of Kool Aid. Although both quilts have been bound, only one is ready to hang. The top quilt still has lots of places that need quilting. That's why you may see so many safety pins still attached to the quilt. I'll have to keep my focus on this during the year and add some more quilting. Perhaps they can both be done before the end of this school year. They are both very colorful and are interesting to look at. I hope we can find the right places to hang them in the school. If we ever did something like this again, I would make them a little smaller. These were overwhelming to quilt.

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Snippety Gibbet said...

Oh, Kathy. Those are gorgeous. Really, really nice. jan