Monday, September 7, 2009

Hollyhock Wall Hanging Quilt

Here's just what I need to get going on the quilting of this wonderful wall hanging. I shopped yesterday at the great labor day sale over at Hancock's. It is a good time to be stocking up on anything sewing realated. Almost every notion and thread is 50% off through today. Most of the best quilting fabric is 40% off.

Today is the day to get serious about quilting the hollyhock quilt. I need to be able to mail it in the next 2 weeks. I really must do the quilting today in order to keep on schedule. I have been to the fabric shop to purchase all the necessarry supplies, so there can be no more excuses. The quilt is to be a suprise for a member of the quilting bloggers that signed up for the summer swap. Can't tell right now just to whom it will go. We'll have to wait on that detail.

I am really happy with how the top has turned out. I crazy pieced the neutral backing and then just went by my sketch to make the floral appliques. I knew I wanted to design an asymmetrical border so I just went at it with wider measurements for the bottom and right hand side. In the beginning I did not know that I would make the picket fence for the bottom. I found that block in a paper piecing book while the quilt was under construction.


Snippety Gibbet said...

That's a gorgeous color scheme. jan

Carol said...

Lovely. Hollyhocks are such beautiful flowers.

Kathy said...

Thank you for your comments. It makes me want to keep going with the blogging and also reminds me of the projects I want to finish. Off to ride the bike and then quilt.