Sunday, September 6, 2009

Inchies Christmas Ornament

I have been practicing the ornament idea
that I saw posted with quilting bloggers. It showed up on my facebook this week and it looked like fun. I believe they will be having an ornaments swap this fall and I wanted to see what it was like to put one together before I sign up. It was a lot of fun and not too fussy, so I'll probably sign on. The tutorial by Nadine Ruggles explains it all very nicely. You can go there to see this version where the tiny little quilt squares get sandwiched between a ribbon or you can explore a little more and find out how to string them together with a beaded hanger. They are both very lovely. Below is a link to click on and it will take you to the tutorial by Nadine.
Anyway it gave me a chance to dig out all my crazy quilt stuff and get excited about beading again. Most of my supplies were tucked away in an old steamer trunk. It was fun to uncover things I haven't seen in a while. I should do more with crazy quilting.

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