Sunday, December 12, 2010

After Thanksgiving Sale at the Quilt Corner

My mom, a friend and I went on a special outing to the Quilt Corner, a cute shop in Sparta, Wisconsin. 

Here we are in our special pajama outfits that were required for the sale shopping.  My mom snapped the picture.  We didn't purchase too much, but had a good time wandering around the shop in our jammies and robes. 

Our crazy outfits for the discount

Here is a list of what was required to reach the full discount:

  1. arrive between 6-6:30
  2. food item for donation
  3. children's mittens
  4. P.J.s
  5. slippers
  6. robe
  7. at least 3 curlers
  8. join Thimbleberries Club for next year

Thinking through her purchases

Waiting at the cutting table
I was lucky to be able to get 2 pieces of extra wide backing fabric for my 2 most recent Thimbleberries quilts.  The soft beige one with the floral print will be for my 3's Company back and the tan plaid print will be for the back of the Village Green quilt that is nearing completion. 

Recently Completed Thimbleberries Tops

My Haul for This Year
 Love the Bliss charms by Moda.  I want to make them into one of the Schnibbles quilts.  I've got this pattern and 2 others waiting to be used.   
Isn't the vintage machine fabric cute?  Deb and I were thinking it might make some cute pincushions. 

After our shopping was complete, we went out for pizza, minus the robes and the curlers; but still in our jammies.  We were all pretty hungry and our pizza was delicious.  But of course no one would eat the last piece, so I took it home for Steve.

Next weekend, on Saturday we will be going to the Christmas Party.  We're hoping for clear roads, as these last 2 weekends have been nothing but snow storms.  It's getting to be a bit too much snow for us teachers.  If these same snows had come on a week day, it would have cancelled the schools around here.


Heather said...

one of my local shops does pj sales. I wonder why I have not gone, it looks like you both had a lot of fun. Thanks so much for sharing that fun picture.

Leslie Anne Pease said...

Never heard but think it sounds like such fun!!!!