Saturday, December 11, 2010

Farewell to Fall

It seems only just a few short weeks ago that we were enjoying our last days of beautiful autumn weather.  Only at the end of November did I cut down these lovely mums and put them in the yard waste bin.  It turned out that the city was done picking up yard waste, so on Saturday December 6th, the day of the big snow, I took them to my friends compost bin.  All winter we plan to dump our pulp from juicing and we have high hopes of getting some rich compost for our spring gardens from our efforts.  Having all these mum blossoms in the bin, really filled up the bin. 

We had a nice time in the Oktoberfest Torchlight Parade this year.
Here I am with my father-in-law, Norbert.  We are fastening on the maple leaf garland to the Dive Rescue rig.  The lights on the boat were already put on earlier in the week. 

Steve in the Dive Team vehicle (photo by GP)
Dive Team Boat decorated in lights

We had a nice Thanksgiving and some good cheer with homemade cranberry wine from Norbert, my father-in-law.  The pumpkin was still in good shape from Halloween, so I poked in my wooden set of feathers and turned it in to a turkey.   Our real turkey was wonderful and so were all the side dishes.  For a while the lid was askew on the Nesco roaster and all the steam was escaping.  After we got it adjusted, the turkey browned up nicely. 

To see my post about fall artwork please visit my other blog, Gallery 2404 and read about how we've been creating some fine projects at school. 

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