Thursday, December 16, 2010

Snowman Angel Ornament

SnowAngel Ornament made with AccuCut

I trimmed off the edges of the foam tray before sending it thru the Accu Cut machine.

They popped out very easily.

Snowman Line Up

Cemter one has the hat trimmed off.
I trimmed off the hats, because we were planning to create a halo effect above the head with a button attached by a twisted wire. 

The next step was to paint the top with a dark acrylic paint.  We tried them in coffee brown, teal blue, violet, black, and forest green.  Once that was dry, we brushed on the clear gel medium that would produce a crackle effect. Finally, when the crackle medium had dried, it was time to over paint with the white acrylic and then the crackle effect happened. I think the trick to using that successfully is to apply it quite heavily.  We had such a variety of crackle effects.  Some of the crazing was minimal and you could hardly notice it and others got a nice deep crackle effect.  I think if the medium was spread too thinly, it wasn't as effective. 

Then we used a variety of buttons to decorate the snowmen's fronts.  A large white button was threaded with white wire and twisted tightly to hold the button above the head as a halo.  A bit of Tacky Glue (PVC) anchored it into the small hole we poked in the top of the head. 

The faces were drawn with orange paint pens and black sharpie markers.

Lastly, the stick arms, wings, and the string hangers were glued to the back.  We sandwiched them all and hid the hot glue under the wings on the back of the ornament.


paulette said...

These are gorgeous!! Thanks so much for the tutorial!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

They are adorable. What an awesome machine!