Saturday, December 19, 2009

An Art Lover's Home

Welcome to the home of Barry and Jennifer Friends and their family. This home was a real treat to tour because the Friends have an amazing art collection. I so loved seeing how the family displayed the paintings and sculptures throughout the home. There were many lizards tucked in unsuspecting places.
The picture to the right shows my mom entering the house at the beginning of the tour.
There was a very nice atmosphere as someone was playing the piano in the living area.

The dining room had the most beautiful mint green and white striped wall paper. It was definitely set off by the black and white valances and the colorful art work.

Views to the east looking toward my two of my teacher friends homes. Our music teacher lives in the dark brick house with the green roof. The white stucco house belongs to my good friend that is retired from teaching second grade.

What an interesting house and the garage even included a guest house room. It had great accommodations and included everything except a kitchen.

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