Thursday, December 10, 2009

An Elegant Home

Robert Jones and Tim Rortvedt have continuously been improving their home. It is a place is beauty and it's full of inspiration for decorating.Currently, each space is classy and very welcoming. Although it was open for a tour in a different year, I didn't mind seeing it again. The kitchen was not remodeled at that time and now it has been redone. I liked the look they achieved in the kitchen with the metallic embossed wallpaper as well as the replica pressed tin for the backsplash. Each room was lavishly decorated for Christmas and the decorations are very elegant. The home's interior reminded me of what I see when I page through expensive decorators magazines. It was very classy and stylish.

The house was originally owned by the Kroner family, early citizens of our city. I will have to walk by sometime in the warmer summer to see if the owners have developed any garden. The yard certainly has the potential for a beautiful flower garden since it sits on a double lot.

This tree was done up in fuchsia and had a combination of pink and fuchsia. It also had many soft feathers. It was on display in the guest bedroom at the top of the steps. The tree and its bright colors were a nice contrast with the buttercream walls.

This unusual tree has a split top. I'm not sure if it has a name, but it is breathtakingly beautiful. I enjoyed seeing bright red and the contrasts of the lime green hydrangea blossoms. There were some vintage props in the front room such as a camera on a tripod and cute little trike under the tree.
This shot shows more of a close up view of details on some trim in the same room as the Tri-Topped tree. Click on it to enlarge this or any view of each of the photos. I just love the full hydrangeas. I have 2 bushes myself, but I should work on finding areas to plant more in my backyard.

Here's an item of great beauty, don't you agree? I am in awe by the lovely color of periwinkle. I could definitely find a special place for this treasure in my home if anyone wanted to gift it to me.

These two photos represent the decor of the family sitting room attached to the dining space. It was lavish and fun with all the peacock's brilliant cool colors. I like how they contrasted that with the warm copper metallics. The fireplace in this room was lit and it was throwing off a lot of heat. It would have been a cozy place to sit down with a book.

... a few parting shots of more trims and trees. The last one is of the medallion in the dining room above the chandelier.

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