Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Very Cute Brick Home

The very cute brick home belongs to Virgina Thompson. It is on a corner lot pretty close to where my Mom grew up. The old chicken coop is still attached to the garage. Even though it is not in use by chickens, it makes a handy garden shed.

The steps in the kitchen used to lead up the the bedrooms. Now Virginia uses the treads to display fun toys and chicken items. Isn't it cute? It is such a cozy little house and has such a farm house feel right in town!
The dining room decor is also influenced by the French Country look and has many Roosters. There was so much to take in about the room. I love the warm golden yellow on the walls.
Upstairs there were a couple of bedrooms. This one was very inviting with it's cute little corner table that would make an excellent writing desk.
The magazines arranged on the trunk were a lifetime supply of Mary Engelbreit's. Oh how I love her cute art about her family memories and seasonal inspiration.

The front room had so many comfy looking sofa. I just wanted to snuggle in with a good book by the cozy fireplace stove. With all this red it was very cheerful and welcoming.

The tree in the front room was so perfect for a quilter. It had a garland made of wool balls and the angel was also made of red wool.

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