Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Holy Trinity Christmas Home Tour

The home tour was a real treat this year. My mom and I were able to wander through 5 beautifully decorated homes this weekend. I had my cameral along this year with the intention to make some inspiring blog posts over the next week or so.

This article appeared in the Tribune to announce and stir up interest in the homes that were going to be open for the tour.

The home of Virginia Thompson was sweet and cute. If you are a fan of Mary Engelbreit you will love the decorative details in her home. It is filled with many vintage treasures.

This home is owned by Robert Jones and Tim Rortvedt and it is a home decorator's dream come true. They have several lavishly decorated theme trees. I am in love with the peacock tree that they had in the main living space. It was done up in my favorite combination of cool colors, turquoise, lime green, and purple.

Now this was a home I would love to move into. I just fell in love with the beautiful woodwork and simplicity of the decor at the home of Dan and Jean Schreiter. Perhaps the exterior of this black and white home would make you think that it was rather plain, but don't let that fool you. Step inside and prepare to be amazed at the lovely simplicity.

The home of Barry and Jennifer Friends has the brilliant colors and artwork that I adore. The art is also set off by many black and white accents, so I was even more attracted to this lovely home.

The pink stucco house is really a landmark in our city. It is owned by Janet Papenfuss and is a delightfully cheerful inside. I must say, it a quilter's dream as well because Janet displayed many of her mom's lovely Christmas quilts and she was a expert quilter. I hope to share more with you on all these homes as the week goes by. Tune in for some more spectacular views on all the cute decorations and trees.

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Aunt Spicy said...

Okay, I cant wait to see the pink stucco house, just love it!